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The Pineal Gland ( Third Eye ) Explained

Let us examine and important gland in our brain called the pineal gland and what its importance is. The Pineal Gland is the equivalent of the Third Eye represented in Hinduism and Buddhism.

The ancient people used the term " Third Eye " to represent the pineal gland. The pineal gland is shaped like a pine cone and it is the gate way to all other realities of consciousness.

This was one of the greatest secrets hidden from mankind by the Illuminati bloodlines. The catholic church sent tropes all over to destroy all ancient knowledge and make the remaining knowledge as crap by "Primitive " people. While they and some bloodlines process the knowledge and control humanity through manipulation.

The pineal gland is shaped like a pine cone and the ancient people know about the pineal gland and how it works . So they used the pine cone to honor the pineal gland and the person's , kings or gods who have pineal gland fully activated.

You could see pine cone and third eye symbolism in all cultures throughout history.
Dionysus assure through the underworld
Babylonian god Talmud holding pine

God of Drunkenness Backus
Staff of Osiris Lord of the underworld

Shiva : Head shaped like pine cone , 3rd eye symbolism,
2 Serpents representing Kundalini activation

Buddha : Head shaped like a pine cone
Bindi's in India representing 3rd eye.

King Tutankhamun Pineal Activated, 2 serpents
representing Kundalini.

The pope carrying staff containing Pine Cone.

The Court of "Pine Cone" in Vatican . A man is not enough high to reach pine cone , representing occult knowledge accessible to select few and hidden from normal population.

Sleep Mechanism
When light strikes the retina , in the nerve system, preganglionic sympathetic neurons move through and light transitions into the pineal gland.When the light goes off it signals electromagnetically to the pineal gland that it is time to go to sleep which then secretes melatonin into the cerebra spinal fluid which activates sleep mechanism.So to go to mystical state of consciousness u must go to a relaxed meditative sleep state. When the light is cut out on the out side the light shines in the inside. The pineal gland is only activated when light goes off.

The pineal gland secretes DMT or Dimethyltriptamine . This compound is found in the shamanic portions or drinks used in south africa such as yopo and ayahuasca. DMT experiences include profound time dilation,time travel,journeys to paranormal realms,encounter with spiritual beings or other mystical/trans dimensional modalities.

The interior is filled with water. In the interior time flips over and shifts to time space.The pineal gland is supposedly used for trans dimensional access and it is being calcified by using fluoride,drinking carbonated beverages like coke,refined flour and sugar etc. These substances are designed to calcify the pineal gland so that the trans dimensional access is shut down. The mark of the beast specified in the Bible is the calcification of the pineal gland or third eye in the forehead.Bible representing we are captured in materialistic life and ideal worship instead of seeking the spiritual knowledge and wisdom within.

The interior of the pineal gland has Rodes and Cones all along just like our eye. This is why the ancient people called it a third eye since they know what is going on.So the pineal gland has Rodes and Cones and fluid inside, and is literally a third eye.The pineal gland has both audio and video feed.The video feed of the pineal gland is our imagination. This is where the image is formed when we close our eyes and visualize something in night or at dark, it is the pineal gland. The minds eye ,is the pineal gland where through strong visualization images are formed.But everything you think is not formed in the pineal gland some are happening in the brain .

The interface between the dreaming body and the physical body called ' Silver cord' is the pineal gland. When we are dreaming we are accessing a spiritual realm of possibility.

When people have so called Out Of Body Experiences(OBE) the cracking sound is from the pineal gland.

Light activates Electromagnetic shield around interior chamber.It is stimulated by the secretion of DMT. The pineal gland has more blood flow than any other gland per cubic volume.It has the highest concentration of enrgy, since it is the gate way to the parallel time space reality.

The complex electromagnetic shield will shield of all the electromagnetic and radio waves that give reference to spcae time.Now it can flip over and shift to time space. This is the same happens to a bulky ball in a double slit experiment the particle flips over from space time to time space and become a wave.

The little molecules inside are called micro clusters and they can flip over and is the gateway to parallel reality that allows to see to time space.

Darkness activates pineal

It feels like a pressure ,buzz,or tone or acceleration in the head.(Also called kundalini activation). This mechanism also activates sometime even in day time making a buzz in the head. If pineal is blocked or u not have a self acceptance, it can feel as as Headacke.

LSD and other psychedelics force pineal to secrete DMT, and this is the main reason behind the banning of some natural psychedelics.But some psychedelics can cause the pineal to stuck on and this is pretty dangerous and can result in delusions,schizophrenia.

Just think about this . Why is that Alcohol called Spirits???  It open the door to influences. Negative entities grab hold through the pineal gland.This is what happens some people when they drink alcohol and become so processed.

There is a reason behind banning of all natural drugs like marijuana etc. There is also reason behind why ur toothpastes are fluoridated. That will be explained on another post.

If u believe any of this pls answer me one question , why is this pine cone and third eye symbolism present in every ancient culture ,and what is the connection btw Vatican and pine cone ????

The Reveres Engineered Pineal gland ( Project Looking Glass )
1) Barrel shaped Water in which time flips over
2) Electromagnetic shielding capability
3) Ability to fine tue electromagnetic shields
4) Ionized gas to pick up images from time - space( Like a cathode ray is used to pick up images from electrons an ionized gas can pick up images from energy fields)

Pineal gland has been reverse engineered in top secret military projects and is used for looking into the future. It is called Project Looking Glass .

A same concept is given in the movie "CONTACT(1997)" . They are making you fools by making Sci Fi movies . They gonna show you science fiction movies and make u believe that none of this is possible , in fact all of those are being done in top secret military black projects.

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